Civil Celebrant

The Flying Celebrant, Rosemary Arnold BAv CMC, Australia's First Woman Helicopter Pilot, 99th Whirly Girl in the World, and first in the Southern Hemisphere, announces her “Chapel in the Sky”, offering unique ceremonies with style for all occasions, over Sydney Harbour.

Rosemary has been flying commercially since 1967. She became the first woman helicopter pilot in Australia in 1965, and was the only one for 12 years. Was the 99th Whirly Girl in the World and the first in the Southern Hemisphere. The surprise celebrity status has endowed Rosemary with a presence of poise, confidence and capability. Her life's experiences are reflected in her understanding of your needs and concerns. She is a true professional, is a people person and has enjoyed flying thousands of passengers over the years, in her pink floral helicopter. Her public speaking has spanned 30 years and she has authored several self-help books, ranging from grief and angels to flying experiences.

She reared her four children to adulthood, is a dedicated 'gwanma',
and has endured tragic loss when her only son, eldest child Grant disappeared in a boating tragedy off the West Australian coast, in 1987.

For the first time in her life she was accepted into University in 2003. This dream had previously been taken from her when her parents forced her to leave school at age 15. Then she won the University Western Sydney $2,000 scholarship “for the female aviation student who had successfully overcome significant challenges in academic and flying studies.” She completed her degree in 18 months, then a week after her final exam results she became a university lecturer on the subject “Aviation Issues: an Historical Perspective”, with 82 students. Curriculum emphasis was on gender issues, about which Rosemary knew a great deal, having struggled for employment as a woman helicopter pilot since 1967.

If you want a memorable experience, giving you your own one-off ceremony, airborne in the serene Sydney sky, then this is for you. The vision of wide horizon, the city skyline, the majestic waterways and the beautiful beaches reaching forever, gives an expansive atmosphere adding lustre to your exciting step into married life, or renewal of vows.

The first couple, Aileen and Rick Hayman, from Leeds, said the experience was "the best thing we ever did", after considering a range of wedding ceremony options. The couple had planned to get married in Australia while on holiday.

The second couple, Bill and Carol Roberts of Portsmouth, also in Australia on holidays, said the idea appealed because it was unusual. That would have to somewhat of an understatement. Carol said, “how better to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney?”

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