Rosemary Arnold has written several books on a variety of subjects, her most recent one being about her flying experiences "HOVERING MATILDA".

Hovering Matilda is an exciting sequence of short stories, relating the remarkable flying experience of Australia's first Woman Helicopter Pilot.

Rosemary Arnold is a colourful personality who became the 99th Whirly Girl in the World, the first in the Southern Hemisphere and the only woman helicopter pilot in Australia for twelve years. This is a story of courage, determination and success. A story or unexpected prejudice and the need for both perseverance and resilience, stepping into a man's domain.

Feel the spirit of adventure as this barnstormer travelled the countryside, giving thousands of people the exciting experience of their first helicopter joyflight. Feel the passion of flying, the excitement of sharing as Rosemary raised money for charity while giving the physically and mentally disabled the thrill of their restrictive lives. Rosemary shares the view from the top of her own special mountain.