Chapel in the Sky

Offering Wedding, Renewal of Vows, Commitment and Ashes Scattering Ceremonies airborne, over majestic Sydney Harbour in a jet helicopter.

If you want a memorable experience, giving you your own one-off ceremony, airborne in the serene Sydney sky, then this is for you. The vision of wide horizon, the city skyline, the majestic waterways and the beautiful beaches reaching forever, gives an expansive atmosphere adding lustre to your exciting step into married life, or renewal of vows.

"On New Year's Eve 2004, Chapel In The Sky became a reality when Rosemary performed the airborne nuptials for two English couples over Sydney Harbour in a Bell Jetranger.

The first couple, Aileen and Rick Hayman, from Leeds, said the Chapel in the Sky experience was "the best thing we ever did", after considering
a range of wedding ceremony options. The couple had planned to get married in Australia while on holiday.

The second couple, Bill and Carol Roberts of Portsmouth, also in Australia on holidays, said the Chapel in the Sky idea appealed because it was unusual. That would have to somewhat of an understatement. Carol said, “how better to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney?”

The Chapel In The Sky concept certainly captured the attention of Sydney media, with the weddings being covered by Sydney's Channel 7, SkyNews and almost a full page coverage in the Sun-Herald.” Read the article from the SMH

Trevor Dean - Australian Aviation Museum, Bankstown

Chapel in the Sky

Chapel on the Sea

Chapel on the Sand

The Ceremony

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As far as we are concerned, what could beat 'over Sydney Harbour in a Helicopter'. We are very proud of the fact that we are the first couple and treasure the memories we have very dearly of the whole occasion.” Aileen and Rick Hayman